Iraqw Girayda

About the Recordings

The Girayda performance on video was recorded in 2018 in Kwermusl, Mbulu district, Tanzania.

Sandra Bleeker, Amy Catling and Maarten Mous were visiting the family of Ephraim Boniface Neema, where Ephraim has arranged for experts in Kwermusl to take part in the Girayda. This Girayda was performed as a part of a request to record all elements of Iraqw verbal art.

The transcription and translation was completed in 2018 by Basilisa Hhao with help by Sandra Bleeker.

The audio recording from the main page took place in 1987 in Geehandu at the house of Tarmo Oori with help from John Qamlali. The performers are Margweet and Gadyeet.