About the tales

Kwakuga Goka, the storyteller of Headless Crabs, before his house. Kwakuga Goka, the storyteller of Headless Crabs.
Hudolo Atosu, the storyteller of Jealous Twins, before her house. Hudolo Atosu and her audience, before her house.

The tales are collected from Seva, a small island in the Keta Lagoon in the Aŋlɔ District of the Volta Region of Ghana about four kilometres from Anyako (see map). The Seva people engage in fishing and petty trading.

The tales were recorded in the house of the storytellers, Kwakuga Goka and Hudolo Atɔsu in June 2005. The audience was a group of pupils from the local primary school. Both the storytellers and the audience were indigenous Seva citizens. The children sat in the compounds of the storytellers, enjoying the didactic stories with local music and dancing as an interlude.

The video recording of these Ewe tales, with Ewe and English subtitles, is available in the Verba Africana series Documentation DVDs.