Interview with Kofi Anyidoho

Kofi Anyidoho, Ghanaian poet and academic, has received many awards for his published poetry such as Elegy for the revolution (1978), Earth Child (1985), A Harvest of Dreams (1985), The Fate of Vultures (1989), and Ancestral Logic & Caribbean Blues (1993). He gained his PhD at The University of Texas and is presently Professor at the Department of English, University of Ghana (Legon) where he also served as Director of the School of Performing Arts. Kofi Anyidoho has published extensively on Ewe oral poetry and on written literature and films in Africa (see The Pan African ideal in literatures of the Black world, 1989, and Kofi Anyidoho and James Gibbs eds., Fontomfrom. Contemporary Ghanaian Literature, Theatre and Film, 2000).

On oral narratives