We would like to thank the University of Ghana (Language Centre) and all the inhabitants of Seva who participated in the video, in particular: Kwakuga Goka (first storyteller), Hudolo Atɔsu (second storyteller), Daniel Ayikutu (school headmaster) and the children of the school of Seva.

We would like to express our thanks to Prof. Kofi Anyidoho, Prof. Kofi Awoonor, and Mr. Kwami Senyo for their interviews.


The following individuals have contributed to the present volume of Verba Africana Digital Materials:

Daniela Merolla
Felix K. Ameka
Kofi Dorvlo
Daniela Merolla
Rob Goedemans
Graphics and code
Mark Dingemanse
(See also the technical notes.)

Verba Africana

This production is part of the project African Languages and Oral Literatures: DVD Documentation and Digital Materials.

Daniela Merolla
Technical support
INALCO, Paris and Leiden University (NL)
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Department of Languages and Cultures of Africa and ELNWS FB Internationalisation, Leiden University (NL)
Department of Studies and Researches on Africa and Arab Countries, IUO University of Naples (Italy)

The production of Verba Africana was made possible through financial support of the Department of Internationalization, Faculty of Arts, Leiden University.