Verba Africana

African Languages and Oral Literatures: DVD Documentation and Digital Materials

Daniela Merolla
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INALCO, Paris and Leiden University
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Présentation de la série Verba Africana

Verba Africana 1: Ewe Stories and Storytellers from Ghana

Verba Africana 2: Zanzibar, Taatab and Ngoma Performances

Verba Africana 3: Mali, L'Epopée de Soundjata

Verba Africana 4: Hogbetsotso: celebration and songs of the Ewe migration story. Interview with Dr. Datey-Kumodzie.

Verba Africana 5: Documenting Karamojong Oral culture in Hamburg.

Verba Africana 6: Iraqw Oral Literature.

Verba Africana 7 : Littérature orale kabyle 1. Les récits

Serie's Editor
Daniela Merolla
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Rob Goedemans
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Mark Dingemanse